Sacramento Freethought Day 2014

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Facebook Event Photo_smallEvery year in Sacramento locals host a secular convention called Sacramento Freethought Day.  This year the event is at the state capitol on October 12.  The event is for “freethinkers” to come together and enjoy a day full of speakers and activities.  There will be booths from a variety of groups to visit and get to know as well.  The speakers will cover a wide range of events that affect the secular community and you can the schedule of events here.  Registration is free and there are various sponsorship levels available.  You can find the website and more information at  We will also be at the event so check it out!

Great infographic website

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Personally, I love infographics.  They can be very simple and there is room for deception in how they present information, but they can also be extremely clarifying., put together by Daniel G. Taylor, is a really cool infographic website that displays biblical contradictions and the sources for them.  Sometimes when people point out biblical contradictions they are trivial, something like what color Jesus was wearing at the time.  However, here, most of the contradictions are some substantive discrepancies.  Lots of other useful infographics follow the main one such as the occurrence of: scientific inaccuracies, cruelty and violence, misogyny, discrimination, homophobia and other general religious statistics.  What’s the point of it all?  Well, it tends to show that perhaps the Bible is not divinely inspired.  Also, it is a good resource when you forget where a passage is but want to look up a general topic like where the Bible encourages or displays mistreatment of women.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Pope Francis says Atheists are Redeemed

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pope-on-the-throneRecently Pope Francis said that even atheists receive redemption through Christ as long as they do good.  The Pope stressed the importance of doing good over all else as the criterion for redemption.  This is a historical new direction for the Catholic Church and the Papacy.  This also comes following a slew of traditions that the Pope has already broken.  The new Pope has also abandoned the gaudiness and excessive showiness that the Vatican normally portrays (see Pope Francis featured on the right compared to Ratzinger on the left and note the clothing and throne). Continue reading…

Seventy Percent of Young Adults Support Gay Marriage

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A few months back news came out that over 51 percent of Americans support gay marriage.  Recently, Rhode Island became the tenth state to legalize same sex marriage.  There is a growing trend towards marriage equality in the country, but where is it coming from?  Young people seem to share a large part of the blame.  Pew Research Center recently released a poll showing that as much as seventy percent of young adults favor same-sex marriage.    The young adults in this poll were “Millennials,” or those born after 1980.  The report credits the Millennial generation for the overall shift in supporting same-sex marriage.  When polled the major factor that led people to change their minds to favor same-sex marriage was knowing someone who is homosexual.  The least influential change cited morality or religion for the shift in acceptance.

Age seems to be a strong factor in determining whether or not someone favors same-sex marriage.  Noticeably, each generation’s average view on same sex marriage follows a trend, with the older generations disfavoring same-sex marriage with the highest frequency.  This is strong motivation to think that same-sex marriage is now inevitable country wide and the question is no longer if, but when.  In another poll (LifeWay), 64 percent of those polled agreed that same-sex marriage will become legal across the entire United States.  It appears that many times society, unfortunately, progresses one funeral at a time.

Seeking Contributors

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An American Atheist is currently seeking contributors for blog submissions and on air personalities.  A number of our previous contributors have moved on because of demands of workload, family and other reasons.  We are accepting article submissions on any topic generally relating to religion and skepticism.  The articles may be of any length so long as it properly addresses the topic.  If you are interested in being an on air talent, please indicate so in your message and we can go from there.  We often have people start out writing articles and then bring them on to discuss the article they have written and explore it further.  Typical appearances on the show will also include conducting interviews with people in the atheist community and beyond.  An American Atheist currently airs off and on on KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis/Sacramento and has aired for the past 3 years more consistently.  We plan to expand to more stations in the future.  There are no formal requirements other than solid writing ability, ability to communicate effectively and interest in the topics.

The positions are unpaid but allow for very fulfilling work and can be excellent experience for many other fields.  Our contributors have valued the experiences here and some have gotten to meet and interview some of their favorite members of the atheist community, scientists, comedians and authors.  Time commitments are all up to the contributor but we prefer at least weekly some sort of contact or ideas.  The positions may be fulfilled from any location with internet access and we do much of our recordings on Skype and similar programs. Please poke around a bit to get a general feel for our presentation style and personalities.

If you would like to submit an article, either use the ‘contact’ button and paste it into the document or email them to and cc:  If you would like to submit periodic articles on an article by article basis then that is sufficient and please indicate so or include article in your email.  If you would like to be a regular contributor with blog access and possibly an on air personality please include your name, contact information, a brief background, what level of involvement you expect to give, and any questions you have.

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