Tom Manger of the Secular Coalition for California

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Tom talks to the Legislative Chair for the Secular Coalition of California Tom Manger on atheist political representation in America and abroad, and what can be done to help.

Noah Lugeons

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Noah Lugeons hosts The Scathing Atheist, a straight-to-the-point, explicit language-bearing show by atheists for atheists. Tom interviews Noah to explore the appeal of this particular brand of atheism.

Orthodox men ‘bullying’ female airline passengers

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Flight delays and accusations of sexism are abound in flights to and from Tel Aviv due to ultra-orthodox Jewish men’s refusal to sit next to female passengers. Speaking on a radio show in Israel, former executive director of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance Elana Sztokman explains:

What happened to me on this flight isn’t that different from what happens on almost every flight. You get on a plane, and the plane is about to take off but a whole bunch of ultra-orthodox men start playing around, moving around, whispering, moving back and forth trying to find different seats … Anyone who’s ever travelled on El Al has experienced this.

There is a petition on asking El Al Airlines to take appropriate action:

If a passenger was being verbally or physically abusive to airline staff, they would immediately be removed from the plane.

If a passenger was flouting the rules for take-off, thereby causing flight delay, they would immediately be removed from the plane.

If a passenger was openly engaging in racial or religious discrimination against another passenger or flight attendant, they would immediately be removed from the plane.

Why then, does El Al Airlines allow gender discrimination against women?

Matt Dillahunty

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Tom chats with The Atheist Experience host and public speaker Matt Dillahunty.

Sacramento Freethought Day 2014

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Facebook Event Photo_smallEvery year in Sacramento locals host a secular convention called Sacramento Freethought Day.  This year the event is at the state capitol on October 12.  The event is for “freethinkers” to come together and enjoy a day full of speakers and activities.  There will be booths from a variety of groups to visit and get to know as well.  The speakers will cover a wide range of events that affect the secular community and you can the schedule of events here.  Registration is free and there are various sponsorship levels available.  You can find the website and more information at  We will also be at the event so check it out!

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