Investigating Woo: Master Zhou, Qigong Healer DEBUNKED

By on August 21, 2013

Master Zhou

You may remember my article from nearly two years ago, where I debunked a qigong medical study commonly heralded as concrete proof for the effectiveness of external qigong treatment for chronic pain. The study was sloppy, and void of experimental rigor.

I have since continued to engage qigong supporters, despite their reluctance to present empirical evidence and well-executed studies in support of their claims. In fact, their reluctance to engage in reasonable discussion reached a new level when I was banned from the qigong subreddit for posting my article there. I was assured that I would have my ban lifted “as soon as [I] agree not to post any more skeptical articles.” Well then, I guess I am banned for life.

Because of my qigong criticisms, I have recently become alerted to Master Zhou, who is billed as a Qigong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu Grand Master as well as a Master Medical Qigong Healer. He is widely cited as perhaps the most well-known qigong master alive, and has been featured on popular television shows such as Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, That’s Incredible, and on the History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Superhumans. This guy has given qigong healing treatments to the Dalai Lama as well as professional sports teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s got some serious qigong street cred. Surely this guy is the real deal; how can we possibly explain away his amazing, superhuman abilities? As it turns out, it is much easier than I had previously thought (and I previously thought it would be pretty darn easy).

I was given a link to Master Zhou’s website by some qigong enthusiasts, and was asked to look it over, watch his videos displaying his amazing abilities, and share my thoughts. So, I decided I would share these thoughts in a formal blog post for everyone to read. On the website there are two videos depicting four amazing powers: (1) heating aluminum foil with qi; (2) licking a red-hot iron without burning himself; (3) biting off a piece of red-hot iron and spitting it out without injury; and (4) touching a red-hot iron chain with his bare hands. There are a few others, but I felt that these four were his main act, and they are certainly the talk-of-the-town on many qigong forums. I will go over each of these feats and explain how he is doing them. SPOILER ALERT: It’s not qigong.

Watch the following videos before reading on to see his act, and see if you can catch what this guy is doing.


Heating Aluminum Foil with Qigong

When Master Zhou is performing this trick, notice that he dunks the aluminum foil in water before his demonstration. After its water bath, he wraps it in a wet paper towel and spreads it out flat on the table. At this point he waves his hand over it, ostensibly transferring qi energy into the metal, and the aluminum begins to heat up and sizzle. While this may look impressive, there is actually a very simple explanation for what’s going on. The trick here is that the water isn’t just plain water; it is likely a dilute strong base such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH). The paper towel is also soaked in the base, and the foil is spread out flat to ensure an even reaction over a large surface area. A lot of heat is produced in this reaction, and very quickly. This is because aluminum is a very reactive metal.  It is amphoteric, which means that it can react with both acids and bases. There is a good reason why he chose to use aluminum, why he dunked it in “water,” and why he wrapped it in a paper towel and smoothed it flat. It simply wouldn’t work any other way. He could have walked away and the foil would still heat up and sizzle.

This trick is an old one, and you can perform it yourself at home. Products are available online. One in particular is called Hypno Heat, and can be purchased for $30. Impress your friends! Yes, apparently you too can become a qigong master. All you need is a conman mentality coupled with a basic understanding of a simple chemical reaction. No qi here.

Licking a Red-Hot Iron Bar

Firstly, notice how quickly Master Zhou taps his tongue with the hot iron, pulls his tongue back in, then out again, and again dabs his tongue quickly. There is a reason he keeps pulling his tongue back in before each time he touches it with the hot iron—he is making sure to keep his tongue very wet. Each time he touches it, you can see a small puff of smoke, which is his saliva vaporizing. His saliva, for the short amount of time the iron is contacting his tongue, insulates his tongue from the hot metal. This phenomenon is called the Leidenfrost effect, and here’s how it works.

When you pour water onto a hot pan, the water will usually stay in place and quickly vaporize. One would tend to think that if the pan is even hotter, the water will vaporize even faster, but they would be wrong. In fact, if you pour water onto an extremely hot surface you will notice the water bouncing around, or spreading out, and not evaporating quickly. There is something very interesting going on here; the water that first touches the scalding pan is instantly vaporized, which then forms a gaseous barrier between the pan and the water. Gas, given its very low density, is a very poor heat conductor. This barrier of water vapor actually acts as an insulator for the water above it, preventing it from vaporizing itself so quickly. In Master Zhou’s rendition, the metal bar is acting as the scalding pan, and his saliva is the water. There is a good reason that he doesn’t hold the metal against his tongue for more than but a split second. Simply put, the saliva will soon be completely vaporized and his tongue will have no insulation from the red-hot iron.

For an even more impressive demonstration of this phenomenon, check out this clip of MythBusters, where they dip their fingers in water, then immediately in MOLTEN LEAD, and then quickly out. They suffer absolutely no burns of any kind. Once again, Master Zhou is shown to be a fraud.

Biting a Red-Hot Iron Bar

This trick was fun to watch, and is even more fun to watch the second time, when you realize how he is doing it. Master Zhou, in this trick, bites off a piece of a hot metal bar and spits it out. He is unharmed. It looks impressive. At first I thought that perhaps his speed prevented him from being injured, but that still seemed like a reach to me. Luckily, the video provides a close-up and slow motion replay of this stunt. Carefully watch Master Zhou’s upper teeth when he bites the bar. They move! His entire upper set of teeth, gums and all, move quite a bit as he bites down. Master Zhou has just shown us his hand; he is wearing dentures. Since the teeth are not real, there are no nerves to be damaged by the intense heat. This is how he performs this trick. Nobody needs to invoke anything superhuman here to explain away this stunt. Master Zhou’s dishonesty is again on full display.

Touching a Hot Iron Chain with His Hands

For this stunt, Master Zhou heats up a metal chain until it is extremely hot. The chain is pulled taught, and he then alternates swiping each hand down the length of the chain. He then shows the audience his unburned hands. Seemingly quite impressive! But this trick is similar to one we are all familiar with—walking on hot coals. The secret to making this work is to move quickly. You should ask yourself why Master Zhou doesn’t just grab the chain for, say, 2 full seconds? Why does he have to just sweep his hands quickly over the metal? Well, that’s because he doesn’t want to keep his hands stationary long enough for them to conduct heat. This is a very simple “magic” trick performed by people all over the world. Furthermore, if Master Zhou’s hands are even just a little sweaty, he could be gaining some protection due to the Leidenfrost effect we described earlier. There’s nothing superhuman going on here.

Final Thoughts

Master Zhou is a fraud, and his followers have been deceived, plain and simple. There is absolutely nothing in Master Zhou’s performance that cannot be easily explained with basic physics and chemistry. The high regard and admiration people have for him is misplaced. He is an unscrupulous conman who preys on people’s trust, and makes a hefty profit from it. It would be one thing if all he ever did is cheap tricks. That’s fine, it doesn’t really hurt anybody, and magicians have been around forever. But Master Zhou goes one step further. He claims to be a healer, and brings in people with very serious illnesses for qigong treatment who may be forgoing other forms of treatment that have actually been demonstrated to work.

This is wrong, immoral, and it should be illegal, as no properly controlled studies that have been performed demonstrating qigong to be an effective treatment for anything. Despite that fact, Master Zhou’s website asserts that his treatments “have been verified by ample scientific, diagnostic and medical research documentation, for decades.” Really? Which ones? Every time I read a new paper someone has claimed to be the latest groundbreaking study proving qigong, I always get through it and ask myself, “Did I miss a page? I clearly must have overlooked the part where they explained their control group properly.” But no, I am not crazy; the control group simply wasn’t there. In fact, many of these “studies” actually claim that including mock or sham treatments is against ancient Chinese philosophy, or that they wouldn’t want to impose Western biomedical practices to this clearly Eastern practice. But it is precisely these biomedical practices that are needed in order to demonstrate that qigong actually works!

OK, how about this. If performing the simplest, properly controlled experiment is too hard for qigong “researchers,” then let James Randi do it for you. James Randi has had an open challenge for nearly 50 years, where he offers a large sum of money to anyone who can perform a supernatural, paranormal, or occult power under mutually agreed upon scientific standards of testing. Since 1996 the ante has been upped to one million dollars, but nobody has been able to claim it. In fact, nobody has ever made it past the required preliminary testing. If Master Zhou’s powers are real, then he should not hesitate to step forward and claim his prize, unless of course he is a fraud, and then he has everything to lose.


I use to practice stuff sort of like QiGong — in my “believer days. I wrote a post on how if you expect to feel the Holy Spirit, like Qi, you will feel it. Indeed, as in my Christian believer days and my Qi believer days, I could see myself doing the same things.

When I was the medical officer for the US Consulate in Chengdu, China, I visited QiGong ‘hospitals” where they had a different department to treat different medical conditions just like a “Modern” medical hospital. It was such a farce. And like Holy Spirit healing services, everyone knows how they should act when they feel the Qi.

Thank you for this article — I will come back and read it — meanwhile boarding a flight home after couchsurfing with my daughter in NYC. Peace !

Jesus Burgurss

You should post this on some qi gong website. By the way, have you seen John Chang’s video, and what do you think of them?


It’s actually very real. The notion of a chemical solution heating up the foil has been debunked itself. In actuality, if you didn’t get anything out of qi gong training, you weren’t trained by a qigong master. It’s only been around for thousands of years, I guess it’s so fake. Lol. If you ever practice the positions and movement of energy meditation you definitely feel a positive effect on your body and brain. Enjoy wasting your time trying to tell everyone the earth is flat. The people who practice energy exercise definitely know it’s real and definitely could kick your ass with one finger. Lol

Qigong can really and effectively unleash energies that are capable of doing extraordinary skills. There are a lot more like chi power, mind force, and more.


Interesting theory but how do you explain that when the hand is lifted away from the paper/foil the temperature drops on thermal cam??? or the fact that the thermal cam can pick up heat at certain points rather than the whole paper- if it was indeed dipped in the chemical.
Again, if it was a chemical reaction, it has to be linear, it cannot stop and start at will or in this case at the wave of the hand.

Tom K.

Wow. So sad. Even when somebody explains the trick, some people just refuse to listen. Who cares what you believe, as long as you don’t subject your children to this nonsense.

Tom K.

I mean, you can see clearly several times in the video that he has false teeth. 5:14, 5:27, 5:43, 5:46, . Every time he licks the bar, you can see his teeth almost come out of his mouth. That’s what they call “close medical scrutiny” ?

And at 7:32 you can see the metal bar is partially weakened right in the middle. Notice also it doesn’t break where he bites it.

Do you believers not have eyes?

John Boys Cross

Hell this is nothing. Religion is Fake !


I don’t know about the scientific rigor here, but in this Stan Lee Superhumans video we are told by the “skeptic” that in the “Heating Aluminum Foil with Qigong” experiment, the water IS really water…

I agree with your other debunks, and the idea that this million dollar challenge has not been taken is, although not scientific proof, certainly indicative of a lack of scientific basis…but then an entire region of the world believing in this isn’t something to scoff at.

pete louis

In the Stan Lee program the water was bottled and supplied, scrutinised by the skeptic and the med doctor, the heat camera takes the heat changes actually from his hands, up and down, and up again

Much of his demo s are what s called “vagabond skills” in China, sadly the Shaolin Monks, seem to have gone down this route too, in particular in recent times, highly trained yes the rest? … remember these are seen even in China as entertainment, and in that context really nothing wrong, In China people also know the difference between that, ie entertainment and healing modality, in 2 of the hospitals I was in, in the PRC there are doctors, using wai qi liao fa as a modality in medical treatment., as a treatment per se and as a recovery tool.


I just saw another history channel video on master zhou where they asked him to use the water they had brought along with them and heat phenomenon still happened.


Those who believe that qigong is real — I pity you. As the article mentions this is all smoke and mirrors tricks. Replaced the water? No worries, sweat as plenty of electrolytes in it and changes in composition based on what you eat. Why do you think aluminium is a major reactive component of anti-perspirant?

The fact that you “want to believe” (xfiles ref ;). Has nothing to do with reality. This old crook is a con master.

Don’t be fooled, stay skeptic.


In Stan Lee Superhumans video, you’ll notice that when Mr. Zhou wants to demonstrate his power to heat metal he douses them in water to prevent burning the patient.

The question that needs to be asked is why the fuck is there a patient in this demonstration? Get rid of the patient and you don’t have to worry about burning them. Then you don’t have to douse the towel or aluminum foil in water.

I want to see if he could make the towel burst into flame, or the aluminum foil burst into flame. If he could do that then he’d have proof. But of course he can’t and the patient is just a pretense.

Albert J.

Well, after reading through your article on Master Zhou, I must say I was quite disappointed. In the title of your article you claim to have ‘debunked’ Master Zhou, and you have actually called him a fraud, but in reality all you have done was offer up a bunch of speculation. You might be right or you might be wrong, but there is no way of telling at all because your article contains nothing but pure speculation. If you want to actually do a proper and fair investigation of Master Zhou, then set up an appointment with him and have him demonstrate his simple procedure of heating up wetted aluminum foil wrapped in paper towel under controlled conditions. For example he could meet you somewhere such as a hotel room, and you supply the water and aluminum foil and paper towel. If Master Zhou will agree, you can take steps to make sure he never handles the water, foil or paper towel and have him then attempt to heat this up at a bit of a distance without him ever touching any of the items. Not sure if he can heat up the wetted aluminum foil/paper towel if he never touches it, but it seems that he should be able to heat it somewhat if he just holds his hand near to it. This would be a proper sort of test that would be the minimum that someone who was truly interested in trying to find out if what he does is real or not would have to do. On the other hand, a person who just wants to promote their own personal beliefs that such things are impossible will of course avoid doing a fair test and just offer up speculation as ‘proof’. With nothing to offer other than pure speculation, your ‘debunking’ is nothing more than a farce. It will maybe fool the wide eyed tru believers who truly want to believe it’s all ‘fraud’ without any evidence or proof, but to any reasonable person what you have presented here is nothing but a ‘fraud’ to try to fool the gullible.

Albert J.

@Alex wrote: “I agree with your other debunks, and the idea that this million dollar challenge has not been taken is, although not scientific proof, certainly indicative of a lack of scientific basis…”

Randi is not a scientist. He is someone who has made a living from ‘debunking’. If someone wants to establish scientific evidence to support what they do, they should seek out qualified scientists and undergo proper and robust scientific experimentation and study. There are scientists out there who are willing to do proper and fair investigations of this sort of thing, although such scientists are often themselves subjected to attacks from frothing at the mouth ‘debunkers’ as well, just for being willing to undertake fair scientific analysis of such things. The ‘debunker’ phenomena in current times, although holding some usefulness if done in a reasonable way, too often these days has become much like a religious crusade with the full complement of true believers ever at the ready to burn anyone at the stake who dares to declare that they can do something that would tend to defy explanation with current knowledge and understanding. When nothing but pure specualtion is presented as ‘proof’ of fraud, you are most certainly dealing with wide eyed true believing crusaders, and that should be obvious to any reasonable person.


@Albert J.:

1. We can’t get the guy to do a proper experiement. Therefore, we’re left with faith.
2. Then it becomes a discussion about beliefs
3. My beliefs are in the laws of physics, yours might be in woo
4. You’ll have a very hard time disproving the laws of physics (chemical reaction in this case) and although we can easily disprove woo, it’s almost impossible to get these guys to agree to such a test. The ones Randi tested all failed.
5. But you are right in saying that the proof of woo hasn’t been given yet. It simply looks, sound and smell like woo.
6. Arguing beliefs is a pointless activity. Everyone is free to believe what they want and everyone else is free to laugh at them.


Hmmm…. How about this….
A one inch punch more injurious than a 30mile an hour car crash?
or this…
How does he harden soft tissue?
how about this?….

Colin, glad to see so many have called you on your fake logic. You explain some tricks and then say – obviously this person is doing the tricks. But you conveniently ignore the other videos of Master Zhou doing healings of people and also doing even other qigong performances.

Also I have posted a compilation of qigong master telekinesis videos to your other blog post “debunking” qigong but my comment never appeared! haha. So you censor people just as much as you being kicked off some qigong reddit thread.

Qigong Master Telekinesis aka psychokinesis videos – a compilation: Skeptics debunked!

I have also written a new article on the “secret science of spiritual healing”

I suppose you’re afraid people will find out that science is now confirming this secret training for humans? haha.

Finally again – as others have commented – if you really are so interested in qigong then why not just try practicing the exercises on yourself? That’s what I did and I found out they work!! Also why not personally test a real qigong master?

Nobody made any legitimate criticisms of my stance, and you continue that trend by putting words in my mouth. I don’t say that the “tricks” performed by Master Zhou are absolutely as I described them. Rather, like a proper skeptic, I claim that there are alternative explanations for the tricks he is performing without resorting to claims that he’s performing real magic and using supernatural powers. We have a natural explanation which is infinitely more parsimonious an answer then using a magic force that no scientist has ever been able to measure, despite its claimed reality and power. You are guilty of committing the fallacy known as an argument from ignorance. You are claiming that, because we may not have any rational explanation for trick X or trick Y, then it is somehow reasonable to usher in chi as a not only possible, but plausible alternative. Sorry, that’s just sloppy thinking, and as I mentioned, a well-known fallacy. It would do you good to try to avoid making them in the future. For chi to be supported, you need to actually demonstrate it exists and that there are no natural explanations for the tricks they are performing. You don’t just get to say, “ooh, you can’t explain that” and count that as evidence for the existence of chi. It doesn’t work that way. As I have requested before, you need to provide me with some real scientific evidence for your claims that chi exists and that performers like Master Zhou are actually using chi instead of other, well-known methods of achieving the same result.

Also, don’t accuse me of censoring your posts when you have no real knowledge. I haven’t prevented any of your comments from appearing on this site. I can’t tell you why a post you claim to have written never appeared, but I can assure you that it wasn’t blocked by me or anyone else on this blog. Feel free to post it again if you wish, or email the comment to the blog and I will ensure that it gets posted.

And no, I am not afraid that people will find out that science is confirming chi. I have nothing against the existence of chi, except for the fact that it has never been measured and been shown to be real. If you could point me to a scientific study that unequivocally demonstrated its existence and power, I would gladly accept the findings. Such a finding and demonstration would surely warrant publication in Nature or Science, and would likely result in a Nobel prize. Since this has not happened, don’t be surprised if I remain skeptical to your claims that science has verified the existence of chi. But please do forward me the study. I’ll evaluate it on its own terms. I can’t wait to read it and have my mind changed.

And I don’t practice qigong because, even if I did and received benefits from performing the exercises, there is no way for me to determine if the benefits are because of chi, or because of some other factor that is the outcome of doing exercise. This is why I want peer reviewed, double blind studies with adequate control groups. Only these can actually demonstrate the existence and efficacy of chi. You should know this, as this is elementary scientific method. I am not interested in qigong. The only thing I am interested in is being able to back up the claims. You claim qigong is real, the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate it. I am similarly skeptical of the existence of bigfoot, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to go out and look for bigfoot myself to refute the claims of bigfoot proponents. The burden of proof is on the person who claims something is real or true. This isn’t hard to understand.


Colin, I wouldn’t waste too much time arguing with people who disregard reason or simply troll to self-promote their own blog on bullshit.

People like to believe in magic as a coping mechanism to deal with reality. I saw “Life of PI” (the movie) recently and was a typical example of that. The big difference there however is that he knew this was a story. That is in contrast to people who actually believe the stories they tell themselves to be true.

Tselin Nyai

Thank you for your commentary. Even the Catholic Church depends on Athiests for any miracles claimed. If they can convince you then the event has to be truly spectacular! Keep it up!


Posted this on Lantz’s blog but putting back here for reference:

“Read your qigong post on another blog about Master Zhou, and gonna leave a rebuttal comment about that here since lazy. I like the part that you wrote “And like Holy Spirit healing services, everyone knows how they should act when they feel the Qi.” because it is insightful, true, and another kind of true.

You seem to understand that beliefs determine what is felt next, but you are discounting that all things are Yi or thought concentration until a physical mass spins together like a triangular vortexual flame, and reaches a visible stage for us. It works by sucking up – and spitting up +. Your brain sucks in – and the rest of you spits out the result in hot moving particles or yang. Each piece of your skin is visible, and fades off to connect to an atmospheric outline such as body heat and less hot forms of still spinning particles (spinning into higher and invisible states). Latin words such as Atmos and their corresponding myths help tell us how each culture understood energy.
Some believe your input starts from around and makes its way to the center ball, like a spinning planet if you imagine it with just a core. Once it is inside, it inspires by pressing outward with fullness when it is properly dense enough to thermally expand. I can’t convince you to see magic again but in your post I saw a little loss in innocence…freshness…and your own constituting powers maybe, from dealing with incidences where people have to act to get by since its all they know. The real “magic” has “more to it” and is as natural as water falling into a gap. It’s harder to dismiss water, but air is a step up from that, like the next rung of the spiral repeating itself in a different but same way. Above air, you can find buzzing waves. If waves are above and below then where do they end. You can chop water enough to float to the top, you can chop air enough to fly like a helicopter, and in the same way, you’ll find the buzzing waves in the Atmos are somewhat trappable, touchable, and seen faintly. Like air and water you can utilize thinner material to chop through and push yourself around in space. In science, we are evolving to that level of flight. But in our mental evolution, we are seeing 100% of the answer in science and magic. Those who don’t are not looking with all the considerations in mind, of what it takes to reach and touch the material of “spirit”. It takes being a child forever. You’re doing well with light-hearted searching. Thanks for brawling with us to refine the ideas of reality.”

Oh and if you read Serge’s thing about aluminum, don’t use aluminum deodorant. It makes you bad at critical thinking and having fresh organs/bones. Thx

Dave, your comments are incoherent and they contribute absolutely nothing of substance to the discussion. You have posted 32 comments so far, in succession, all of which are poorly structured and evince poor reasoning. I am removing all of your comments on this article, Dave, to encourage others to post meaningful and thoughtful comments here, without having to dredge through all of your incoherent ramblings. I am also removing the comments that were aimed at addressing your posts, so that the comment section doesn’t contain responses to content that is no longer there. If you wish, you may comment again, but only if you post thoughtful comments that are conducive to real dialogue. It should go like this: you post your reasons for why qigong is real, etc., and then wait to allow others to comment and respond to your points. Then you may dissect their arguments, point-by-point, and present your reasons and evidence for why you think they are wrong. Your previous style of posting a multitude of unfocused comments one after the other will not be permitted. We want to promote real discussion on this blog.

Try again.


Qigong is real because it is a breathing – movement synchronized / meditative exercise at its core…

When one practices this for a long time they begin to discover their affect over their bodies.. or Qi…/ Energy (they are totally Qi/energy (e=mc2)at the same time but there are physiological aspects obviously … )

the Chinese speak of meridians being the vessels that carry the energy that is closer to spirit than the blood – they will be “massaged” through practice

It is almost *always* preferential for the patient to practice the exercises themselves..

but it is possible for a qigong master (master of himself) to transmit his “influence” to stimulate positive affects within the body of another.

to see this:

“2 fields come into contact… they share a portion between both of them and the “information” that was previously separate is now shared..”

same kind of thing

dependency is not something that is encouraged.. or should not be .. most “higher level” masters will say similar things to this….

see that ?

I know this because i have “healed” (dissipated practically) a whole lot of black residue through continued practice of Qigong / Falun Gong and some Tai Chi…

It was extremely rapid compared to how long it would have taken without the practices.. lets just say that 😛

Plus I actually “feel” the meridians now.. and every time i study acupuncture points i find myself locating them within my body and the affect is always positive :)

you cannot fault this practice in reality.. when it comes to healing…

*at the very least* when it comes to *personal practice*…

to be honest that goes a long way to validating it .. personally i am resistant a bit to the “jedi” aspects .. due to disbelief probably. but …

i hope you see what i mean…

anyway.. that is my last comment 😛


oh yeah:

“I know this because i have “healed” (dissipated practically) a whole lot of black residue through continued practice of Qigong / Falun Gong and some Tai Chi…”

black residue from my lungs :) used to smoke….


Apologies for the aggressive and perhaps a little chaotic nature of the comments you deleted….

However they absolutely did serve.. (if you had considered them properly)… to show that……

………. debunking what the ignorant consider to be “Woo” is rather……

Ironic.. (futile.. even.. when it comes to certain things)

I defend this practice because i want others to benefit from it (heal themselves – be fit and healthy) :)

and although this may not be the case…. i consider this article as Dis-info…


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Before you made all those comments, I think you should talk to the TV producers who video taps Master Zhou for those performance, they had followed him closely, and had him naked and put on the clothes they provided and have him wash his hands couple times before he did all those performance.


I drove to Master Zhou’s El Monte, CA clinic to get a healing treatment from him for some specific serious health conditions. His work felt very general – light massage over my whole body, heat treatments in general areas, no questions OR answers about my specific problems – and produced NO healing for me at all. I won’t say he’s a total fraud; perhaps he’s worked wonders for many other people. But for me, I got nothing from him.

Re: the value of QiGong: I have been practicing QiGong (which just means “energy work”) for a long time, and know that it’s real. Our bodies (as well as the entire material universe,) is just energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Any 3rd-grade science student knows that, and it’s scientific fact, not religion or belief. People who do QiGong, or Tai Chi, or yoga/meditation, usually aren’t getting involved in any religious beliefs. They simply know they are made up of energy, and have found some tools that help them see, feel and direct that energy in beneficial ways. Nothing “wooey” about it. Anyone can be taught to see & feel that energy, then guide it & move it in certain ways, just like you can guide the direction of a fire coming from a gas torch, even though the gas in invisible. If you don’t believe you’re body’s made up of energy and that you can have an effect on how that energy flows, your loss. That’s all QiGong is, and it’s real.


you think i am that stupid mystery? to not have my own experience of it and there fore have it confirmed..

do yourself a favor and disintegrate :)


aaauuuw such a mysterious name… hiding are we?



to be honest with you i ma in a bad mood so i feel i may have jumped to conclusion there.. apologies if i was mistaken as to the nature of your comment “mystery”

so used to negativity about this tbh


Our Friend Serge:

Don’t be fooled, stay skeptic.”

yeah because he cares about you thats for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure :-)

(i mean just look at that photo so innately trustable…..)

Iam looking forward to the time i can literally pull particles out of his Brain .. entangle them in all sorts of funny ways and send them in infinitely expanding directions sort of randomly in to the vast depths of the universe …

I really am serge.. i really am :-)


mind if i ask a question of you dear teachers of universal order?

you doing anything with these emails you seem to require? 😉


To anyone .. with any sort of knowledge of just where science is today…

Serge is a either complete 100% hermit who has seemingly been oblivious to all progress that was made since early last century

a complete mental insufficient

a total misanthrope

one of those men you walk by and *just know something* lol

lots of things ….serge.. lots of things 😛


My beliefs are in the laws of physics, yours might be in woo”

this one shows him to a …….. you know…… a


Classical/Macro Physics = laws of physics
Quantum Physics = woo physics

can you make it any more obvious ?

you …..

slinking sort of character ….


Arguing beliefs is a pointless activity. Everyone is free to believe what they want and everyone else is free to *laugh at them*.”

Thanks for that man… i certainly am with urs bruv………..


Another typical:

Serge….. Comment

Those who believe that qigong is real — I pity you….



the magnitude of sheer incompetence and ineptitude here is ….

Qi = energy
Gong = work

everything is energy/mass

even when you are stationary.. you are “working”


pure misanthropic moron



Replaced the water? No worries, sweat as plenty of electrolytes in it and changes in composition based on what you eat. Why do you think aluminium is a major reactive component of anti-perspirant?

The fact that you “want to believe” (xfiles ref ;). Has nothing to do with reality. This old crook is a con master.”

what this comes down to….

is whether we can “control” our own internal energy/selves/EM field/Bio elec
stuff like that..

He says you cant ……………….

*sarcastic round of applause*

Serge …

being the sort of slinking character you are………… you probably cant …


i personally think that a whole lot of the negative type comments are literal suppression 😉

obviously cos i actually feel my EM field and have strengthened it… have cured ulcers and throat problems with it (in my body)

you know.. good stuff :-)

that is just my take on it :-)


I saw this on Stan Lee’s superhumans and thought that perhaps he had some kind of powder mixture on his hands that would heat up with the addition of water.

I don’t know the exact mix you’d need… if Lithium Chloride or some other diluted mixture would not damage the skin and then just heat up the water.

I did notice that everything he heated up, he required to be wet first, and his excuse was that it’d “burn up” otherwise.

Still, if he could channel heat, it wouldn’t matter what he heated up, and no water or paper towel would be required.

I believe he used normal water, and the chemical on his hands is what caused the water to heat up and his hands to heat up. When he removed his hands, less of the reactive materials were mixing so they could slightly cool down for the thermal camera.

But the way it was shown on Stan Lee’s superhuman did not prove scientifically that it was magic. You’d need to show no chemicals on the hands, and demonstrate that it was possible without the water and paper towels.


Qi gong studies have been funded by the NIH, with results published, for example, in the peer-reviewed mainstream medical journal, “Diabetes Care”.

That article was published in 2010. You published this post in 2013.

Qi exists. It is possible to cultivate it and use it for healing purposes. The National Institute of Health agrees.

I have no idea about this master, but please take care not to dissuade people from a valuable and clinically proven adjunctive treatment.

Colin Wright

rq, there are different types of qigong. The type of qigong in the trial you linked is a type of qigong that is akin to tai chi, or yoga, where the patients participate in a real kind of exercise and breathing exercises. I certainly would expect that mild exercise and proper breathing would positively affect people’s health. The claim that “chi” is the mechanism by which these patients improve their condition, however, is not demonstrated. It’s likely that the exercise alone is responsible for the positive effects associated with the qigong group.

The kind of qigong that I spend my time arguing against is known as “external qigong.” This differs from the above form in that the patients remain immobile while a qigong practitioner waves their hands over the patient, claiming to be clearing energy blockages with a force they call chi. The positive benefits of this treatment are highly suspect, and there is currently no evidence to suggest that it is a potent or even mildly effective treatment for anything.


colin .. again i am apologizing for the nature of my previous comments, they came out as a result of stress and annoyance.

Can you understand that when 2 objects with a field (all material has some form of field.. the particles within the atom are existing within a field themselves) touch that you can define this as a form of sharing…

And…….. when 2 electrical currents come into contact they will form a singular current..? .. i am sure you can see that.

well. Master Zhou is basically using bio electric current, and his personal “field” with his mind intent.

also the placebo affect within the patient will promote the healing.. in fact it is probably a predominant part of it…

most “qigong healers” talk of giving as little energy as possible to promote the patients own self healing

(humans and animals are conscious matter .. and unconscious matter itself definitely has both components above.. the human has mind intent and the ability to be self aware…. this enables phenomenon like this)

If you cannot combine the above facts with the reality that is quantum entanglement ( a property/potential that literally all matter (and all matter that comprises us for certain) and light contain )…

… then you have yourself a little intellectual failing.


I am also sure that master Zhou would be encouraging his patients to actually practice qigong/tai chi or yoga type activities themselves in order for them to live healthier lives and negate the potential need for more treatments.

General rule: cult leaders engender dependency upon themselves amongst their cult in order to empower themselves..

…. and this is not something we find amongst genuine masters.

(If you teach someone how to heal themselves , you give them the ultimate tool, and you really do rule out any of that cult like nonsense.)

( a simple rule of thumb )

He is a good man, and he wishes to inspire the west by showing what is possible with our minds and bodies.


Dear Collin, can’t wait to see you debunk this by running your hands over white hot metal and licking it too. Will be great to see you show that ole OiGong master how it’s done.


Hahaha . very nice Will :–)

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Dear Mr. Colin, its easy to say whether one is blessed with super powers or not but its really bad to blaim one .. i dont play any tricks and yet i can perform a lots of stunts with fire .. its not about the tricks .. it is all all the will-power , which every human is blessed with .. i started it all as a fire dancer but now i keep that fire burning in my mouth without any fear .. also let me clear one thing that i do do it when there is no saliva or wetness in mouth i mean i do it when my mouth is dry .. its all about WILL POWER . you can chk this all on my website or on my youtube channel ”’ Jus search for “VISHAL INDIAN FIRE DANCER ” on google .
regards ..

Andrew Emiliozzi


Vance Russell

Most of these are vagabond stunts except for the projecting of qi. He must have a really good technique for storing that much qi. Plus Daoist alchemy is different from normal qi gong when it comes to storing thats why you see guys like him with so much power. Qi gong Improves the durability of your body and improves your strength. I have learned it through Shaolin I able to feel it and control it to make certain parts stronger and it can be used to boost stamina, this was in my first six months training with Shi Yan Fan. Once you know how to control your yi mind (which is basically your will or intent.) You have to store up qi (which takes years) and then learn how to project it. You’re thinking about it as something special when it isn’t. I’m glad this martial art wasn’t destroyed in the cultural revolution


On Stan Lee’s superhumans they were skeptical about this very thing pertaining to the water. They then switched out the water and made him do it again on a new towel which he wrapped up with no aluminum and dunked in the new water. He, with scientific testing, generated 100+ degrees of heat with his bare hands not even touching the scientifically controlled towel. Do your research first, ignorance may be bliss but doesn’t help you in the long run.

Ola Northman

The thing about people: “We seek information to confirm our existing beliefs” I assume most of the people in here who think this actually debunked the myth, do not know why it did, only went here to confirm their existing belief – everything supernatural is BS.
If you claim to be critical, be critical of what you expect as well.
That being said – I think the claims of Qigong being supernatural is BS.
The debunk however, seems too simple and is conveniently exactly what I wanted to hear.

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