76: Oakland Zoo Monument Protest, Corporations & Religion, Aurora Shooting, Interview with Larry Hicok

By on July 24, 2012

Tom, Robin, and Chris discuss an upcoming protest to remove the Ten Commandments monument at the Oakland City Zoo (including an interview with organizer Larry Hicok), thoughts on corporations and their religious affiliations, as well as a frank discussion on the recent Aurora shooting.

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New to the show and enjoying it so far.

I’ve grown up in the south where Chick-fil-a is extremely predominant and so is their religious stance. So it came as a shock to me that the national atheist community barely even knows about the company. The city I grew up in had one for as long as I could remember. In my high school years (before my deconversion), I learned to not apply to work there because the management was openly evangelical towards its employees. There were allegations of preferential hiring and treatment of employees that went to the manager’s church and against those that were perceived not to attend regularly enough. Too many podcasts/blogs have underrepresented CFA’s openly religious stance. Down here, the fact that they “uphold Christian values” is actually a draw for customers. I have known about CFA’s unofficial stance on marriage for years and had decided to boycott them long before the official announcement.

Also, I know it happened after the podcast was released, but the Oakland Zoo has already voluntarily taken down the monument.

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