Reddit popularity surges and a new meme

By on October 26, 2011 | Discuss

The reddit alien that can be seen across reddit.

The atheism “subreddit” has skyrocketed in popularity because it was moved to the main page of  /r/atheism as it’s called now boasts over 200,000 subscribers!  To commemorate this milestone the subreddit changed its background at the top to a space theme with the same teapot alien in the foreground to represent Russell’s Teapot.  Many sites have congratulated the resource, but there has been an influx of Christian and theist participation.  Hopefully, this increased involvement from theists will challenge them, but some content of /r/atheism might drive them toward the conclusion that atheists are close-minded and rude.  This conclusion might come despite the many posts on the site explaining succinctly the atheist position and why atheists act and feel the way they do.  Many of these new critics might question the effectiveness and usefulness of /r/atheism, but defenders of the subreddit also cite all of the thank you messages that the site gets on a regular basis.

Good Guy Lucifer

At the same time, by coincidence, a popular meme is circulating on the site.  The new meme is “Good Guy Lucifer.”  The take is that many atheists have commented, perhaps even since the Bible was written, that Lucifer actually seems more like a protagonist compared to God than an antagonist.  This might add fuel to the fire to some of the more ignorant Christians who claim atheists are Satanists, but the literary point should not be ignored — Satan kills less people and, paradoxically, seems to do good in the Bible at times.


You can visit the atheism subreddit here.  You can also see more Good Guy Lucifer memes here.

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